Friday, February 19, 2010

The metaphorical thinking in global variables and activation loop in biological systems

The complicated biological system construction requires activation loop of parameters among constant global variables and a billion components. The closed-loop process contains with variety of complex algorithms in specific periodic pattern and time cycle cross system environments. The metaphor of closed loop analysis profile characterize as follows.
1-Unbalance component Calls function with reference to code on constant global parameter.
2-The designated parameter on constant global variables activate for system component performance.
3-The global variable sends signal and permits process performance in component system.
4-The signal activation can instantiate an array of instances and initiate activity in designated parameter in component.
5-The array of instance sends back signal and return a value to constant global variables when process performance fulfill assignments in component. In this phase, subcomponent allocates harmonic balance optimization mode.

The break and modification of activation loop and time cycle causes complexities in behavior of biological systems.

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