Saturday, February 20, 2010

The optimal resource detector relieves traffic congestion demands in the virtual network system (VNS)

The optimal resource detector (ORD) needs to embed in virtual network system and CRM applications in order to navigate information space. ORD can relieve growing congestion customer demands and tailor communications, coordination, and collaboration among subcomponents.
This customer model produces control mode and optimal share assignment among subcomponents. An entity in each component has better customer service transparency through (ORD).
ORD can raise awareness among system entities and illustrate congestion customer demands in real time cross system environments. System owner can deploy optimal network resource availability due to external changes and customer demands.
Insufficient knowledge in a holistic customer view obstructs customer value and network burden.
ORD shares optimal assignments according to optimal resource allocation and save time and capital for systems owners. It delivers key to success in customer satisfaction.
ORD hampers congestion demands in single component and navigates customer demand to component, which is convenient to access and exploit by customer.
ORD gather information to makes intelligent decision analysis in a short time.

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