Sunday, March 7, 2010

The dominated property theory and role of constant global variables in biological systems

The global variables of biological systems are embedded as a dynamic component instance of the brain framework. Parameters on global variables can modify, speed up decision making, brain’s executive functions, and create an instance of system social behavior.
The activities of parameters on global variables are substantial for biological systems. Insufficient parameter activities during consecutive hours during day time cause side effects, invisible entities in internal system, and in long term complexity in external environments.
The brain functionalities depend on cycle activity in constant global parameters. The brain framework does not modify global variables; nevertheless, external forces can modify global variables through biological systems inputs and channels of communication in brain framework.
The brain frame work can modify easily local variables in biological systems without external community involvement.
System owner cannot modify global variables property due to side effects, invisible entities, and complexity in system environments; however, modification can create prosperity to non-biological system in short term.
The system owner, who identifies as a self organizing metaphor in non-biological system, tackles always to exploit system prosperity through instructional parameters promoting, and manipulative parameters in wide variety of modeling artifacts across system platform. System owner does not set a value of integrity for resources in operating system environments. System resources allow accepting less dynamic performances and admit a substitute mode at any time by external resources when productivity decline in system performances. This social dilemma illustrates a new feature for character recognition base on system owner role and responsibilities. The critical phenomenon causes invisible entity both in biological systems and in non-biological systems.
The cycle time activities in constant global parameters suppose to fulfill; otherwise, invisible entities develop gradually in biological systems. The cycle time fulfillment ensures that multi-variable pattern absorbs harmonic balance in biological systems.
The critical system behavior and gesture analysis associated with inferences based on prognosis implies that biological systems, non-biological systems, and environments of non-biological systems are not in harmonic balance in the future.

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