Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The open loop postural mechanisms of physiological and psychological parameters in biological systems

The open loop postural mechanisms can be controlled by physiological unites in biological systems. The physiological unites response to closed loop process and feedback to system requirement. A critical component returns to normal mode when open loop mechanism achieves assignments automatically. The path of open and closed loop mechanism in physiological activities are transparent. External element can monitor activities and modify critical rates.
The psychological parameters in associated constant global variables can activate open loop postural mechanism but closed loop process may not provide feedback to global variable in a specific time. A critical global parameter would not return conveniently to normal mode due to complexity in external forces. The path of open and closed loop postural mechanism in psychological parameters are obscure because of uncertainty to closed loop process and invariant time. External forces cannot monitor pattern of open loop postural mechanism.
The constant global variables in non-biological system need to articulate according to harmonic balance in biological systems; therefore, the pattern of open loop and closed loop postural mechanisms regarding psychological parameters determines structural parameters in non-biological systems.

The new global variables in non-biological system activate certain global variables in biological systems. Activated variables in biological systems require sometimes activating new associated variables and parameters. The property of biological system can change when certain global variables activate certain other variables in long term.

The incompatible value assigns to harmonic balance in biological systems cause invisible parasitic entities. One of the most dangerous stereotyped parasitic resistances in constant global variables is prejudice parameter, which generate in a fishy way and develop through interaction with other entities. This parasite is completely incomparable among constant global variables due to destruction of system environments and modification of other system properties.

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