Monday, June 21, 2010

Setting high human values do not ensure competitive advantage in a single subcomponent

Setting high human values among global parameters in a single subcomponent hampers a sustainable competitive advantage because it is not cost-effective in short term; however, setting high human values on global parameters in system platform can ensure competitive advantage for entire subcomponents.
System owner would set high human values among global variables if all system opponents set high ethical standard for human unanimously on global variables.
According to observational study all system opponents would not articulate unanimously high human values on global variables in terms of high cost awareness. By simple common sense, high human values would not allocate on global variables in any system frameworks.
Invisible entities generate in system environments due to absence of high human values on global variables; consequently, systems owners invest always time and capital in order to deal with parameter complexity without any ambiguity in the future.

Unanimous articulation of high human values on global variables in system platforms create harmonic balance among system resources, have substantial role for system efficiency, and curtail parameters of invisible entity.

Articulate high human values on global variables in system platforms challenge subcomponents owners apply high human value on global variables successfully. It ensures system solutions, offers high performance for customers, and long term benefits.

Articulate high human values on global variables are not cost effective in short term but it creates feasibility trials for customers, functional product innovation, and profits for systems owners in long term.

Systems owners focus on short term costs when code structure articulates on global variables. Hidden costs and long term costs do not modify global structure.
An evolutionary analysis of pattern and role of human values in system platform can pave the way for illustration of hidden costs and total long term costs.

Subcomponents owners try to implement high human values as a local variable for economic revitalization subcomponent while systems owners do not justify human values and associated parameters function in system platform. The instance of internal subcomponent encounters complexity for such a configuration model.

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