Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Subcomponent elements cannot modify parameters on local variable

Subcomponent elements cannot modify defective local variables due to outsourcing development issues, vicious cycle of poor economy, and low reliability performance in subcomponent environments. Local variable structure edits, modifies technically according to global variable structure mode. Subcomponent owners would not even be able to modify local variables in an easy convenient way under normal circumstances. Local variable structure must develop and align with parameters on global variable structure. Local sub-optimization is not cost-effective and realistic for system platform; consequently, local variables articulate according to parameters on global variables. Systems owners make life changing decision for subcomponent performances; besides, subcomponent elements may have chance neither to modify local variables nor to change attribute functions. Modification on local variables by subcomponent entities causes of incompatible characters between local variables and global variables. Drive incompatible local parameters creates drastic decline in network activities.
System elements can detect real value of local variables in network community by using analogical reasoning. Choose similar entities in two separate subcomponents and then compare attributes of entities. Finally, assess actual discrepancy values. A good analogical attributes indicate a high level of integration in system and at the same time illustrate real value of global variables. The criteria of good analogical attributes implies also local variables, which belong to two separate components have constant values. It would not be possible to modify local variables in terms of parameter of complexity in subcomponent. Global variables must be modified prior to redeclare parameters on local variables and eventually can revive structural complexity in subcomponent.

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