Friday, October 1, 2010

Discrepancy principle views between system owner and business owner

System resources nominate and select candidate as a system owner in system platform but business owners nominate and select candidates for system resources. Two groups of hierarchy levels have discrepancy principle views and social criteria for control activities in system framework. Parameters on social value for biological systems have different analogies by two groups of hierarchy levels.
Systems owners are suppose to focus on optimal balance of system resources in terms of nomination and voting process in collaborative democracy for next term. Business owners focus on economic perspective and gaining a competitive advantage in market. Business owners use system resources as a tool for boosting business process performance.
Parameter complexity can activate in non-biological systems when business owners take over responsibility for systems owners. Business owners can even effect on decision making process on entire hierarchy layers. Parameters on economic perspective may determine how biological systems function in non-biological systems. Biological systems exploit for business opportunity for such an adaptive control model. Biological systems may lose optimality in long term and invisible entities generate cross system environments.
The term “systems owners” have been tailored and sometimes characterized as a symbol for term “business owners” in whole prospective observational study.

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