Sunday, January 18, 2015

What makes someone to be a good human being?

Babies are Born Innocent and Without Sin; however, Social Context modifies Harmony Balance, Superego, and Superego Adjuster through the passage of time. New Characteristic of Superego modifies Primary and Secondary Instincts. Characteristic of new instincts create a new kind of personality and it causes new Decision Making Pattern and Social Behavior. New mapping algorithms in Decision Making can be involved in ethical and unethical reasoning (instance of Superego in Social Context). Interact with Optimal Superego Adjuster (Optimal Environmental Factors) lead someone to become a good human being and vice versa.

Observation: Harmony Balance in Brain ensures interaction with Optimal Superego Adjuster. Harmonic Life Context and social factors generate Harmonic Balance in Brain. Mother Nature would  neither recognize Harmonic Life Context nor approve equity principles for human being.

Observation: Harmonic parameters in natural environment would modify the behavior of Wildlife in a nature. Harmonic Global variables, which are articulated by Systems Owners, ensure Harmonic structure in nature.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Test Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems and None-biological Systems

Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems has substantial serial engagement role in Decision Making Model and evolution of Social Behavior. Harmonic Balance in Non-biological Systems refers to engineering codes and facts about operational goals, which is established by System Developers.
Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems depends on Harmonic Balance in Brain and parameters within Superego-Adjuster *(special parameters in Social Context). 
Efficient Harmonic Balance in Brain can ensure integration of optimal parameters within Superego-Adjuster into Superego.   It creates strong Superego (Genetic_Ref + EGO < Superego) and generates Positive Subconscious. Eventually Secondary Instinct can activate optimal Primary Instincts (Ethical Instincts) and create closed-loop in Decision Making Model.
Inefficient Harmonic Balance in Brain paves the way to integrate unethical parameters within Superego_Adjuster into Superego. It causes weak Superego (Genetic_Ref + EGO > Superego) and generates Negative Subconscious. Eventually Secondary Instinct can activate Unethical Instincts and create open-loop in Decision Making Model.
Harmonic Balance in Non-biological tends to be focused on how System Developers articulate and demand technologies concept in system operational goal. Harmonic Balance in System Developers can challenge or appeal Harmonic Balance in system operational goal. Efficient Harmonic Balance in generated source code and programing paradigm can ensure optimal system performances.
How Harmonic Balance can measure in Biological Systems?
A key skills qualification for Harmonic Balance is Consistency in Decision Making and Social Behaviors.
How Harmonic Balance can measure in Non-biological Systems?
A key skills qualification for Harmonic Balance is offensive Consistency to achieve affordable system requirements and goals.
Biological Systems with optimal Superego Adjuster deal with low-level disruption and anxiety along life´s journey. Some attributes in Superego adjuster are identified as follows: Religions, Life Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Aspects, Austere Lifestyle, Cultural Paradigms, Experimental Knowledge, Power and Materialistic World View.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The short and long term austere lifestyle modify Superego in multiple instances

The Austere lifestyle is one of the iterative loop parameters within Superego Adjuster. However, the Optimal Superego Adjuster* configures with Superego during the state of Harmonic Balance in Brain.

The short term austere lifestyle transfer iterative loops into Superego.  Iteration of any loop can execute pain patterns and psychological parameters in short term. Besides, it encapsulates and governs Flexible Superego Structure. The short term austere lifestyle empowers human against fuzzy evolutionary needs and their complex life paths.

The long term austere lifestyle modifies Superego, Primary Instincts, and instance parameters in Decision Making. Philosophical views and new visions for life can create and refine separate personality model and conscious state assessment. 


The Optimal Superego Adjuster imply to parameters in Social Context which enhance human values, faith and spiritual development.

The short term austere lifestyle provides good sense of compromise, tolerant algorithms with social characteristics, and a wide range of solutions for unique complexity.