Friday, September 21, 2007

The paradox of case study and investment

Authorities are not interested to invest time and capital in order to detect invisible entities in system variables because detection is not so easy, it is expensive and result may indicate eventually hypothetical solutions. There is even a risk that experts can not detect all invisible entities in system platform; therefore, almost many systems in our environments contain with invisible entities.
When two systems with numerous invisibilities integrate with each other then they make enormous complexities in system performances.
High complexities in systems operations produce system vulnerability, low output qualities and reduce effectiveness in system performances.
Many experts try to solve complexities in system framework; nevertheless, they achieve partial success in resource optimization in short term and complexities return to system environments gradually. The problem is over shortage of time, lack of capital in case studies-phase, and invisible articulation for global variables.
Sometimes experts do not find any diagnostic test failures in system framework. They believe that operating system resources offer free issues but in the reality system may produce invisible issues in internal and external system boundaries because invisible entities have not detected in the beginning of system development.
Many functional systems have serious invisible problems today. Experts can not even detect a sign of issue.
The steady Passage of time makes it difficult to analyze and detect invisible entities in system performances.
Break down in system performances has hidden cost!
Users depend on many system functionalities; moreover, they accomplish different assignments in daily-life performances. They may not be aware of risk in system functionalities,unpredictable system behavior, and low accountability in system performances. Invisible entities among global variables in a big system (society) can cause a human disaster and modify tracing the path of human evolution.
Systems owners are reluctant to invest capital and time for improvement of system detection; therefore, almost all systems contain with tremendous number of invisible entities today.

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