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Validity of the structural parameters in Non-Biological Systems and the paradox of Harmonic Balance for both Biological Systems and Non-Biological Systems have always been a controversial topic for social media. An optimal Global Variables plays a significant role to design optimal social context for Biological Systems and to create optimal operational structure for Non-Biological Systems.
The approach for making innovation in System Global Variables and entities implementation in subordinate layers encounter perpetually with process complexity; nevertheless, System Controllers iterate over same process and common mistakes through long term strategy. Systems Owners cannot achieve a successful process improvement due to the fact that multi-Parameter complexity can allocate and block system resources. The modeling beyond associated complexity theory is failure of articulated Global Variables in system frameworks.
Discrepancy values in algorithmic parameters on the evolutionary path of systems performances indicate levels of Invisible Entities in Biological Systems and Non-Biological Systems.
Algorithm for functional mapping of Complex Economic Structure would be implemented in Global Variables by System Owners. Complex Economic Structure is based on Parameters in Competitive World. Complex algorithm mechanism in Economic Performance and Growth generate invisible entities on the evolutionary path of system environments. Multiple side effects of invisible entities modify property of Biological Systems and Non-Biological Systems.
The purpose of research is to illustrate complexity of algorithms, which execute on Global Variables by Systems Owners. The research paper discusses how complexity on Global Variables can modify internal and external system environments when Systems Owners focus on Productivity and Economic Perspectives. Assessment of critical parameters on Global Variables can draw Systems Owners’ attention to the role of Global Variables on the evolutionary path of system environments. Besides, it increases Systems Owners’ awareness of “Harmonic Balance” for Biological Systems. Systems Owners face several challenges of moral internalization of Social Ethics into the decision making in order to overcome obstacles in Non-Biological Systems.
The goal of this research is to provide general guidelines for Complex Algorithms on Global Variables, multiple vulnerability issues for Biological Systems, and aftermath of a hypothetical implementation of Global Variables in Non-Biological Systems. Parameter investigations challenge other researchers to observe parameter complexities, which appear on the face of the system properties. 
The ethnographic method with a number of frontier analysis, which base on System Theory, have been conducted in order to evaluate complexity of loops through Global Variables for systems evolution. Social Cognitive Orientation is used for prognostic parameters and validity in Case Studies.
This research presents an implicit description of Non-Biological Systems with metaphoric reflections on Biological Systems. The paradigm shift of System Theory is used as a constraint pattern definition in research context. Readers may miss mapping and text semantics in the process of structural analysis on account of Copyright Law Protection.

Metaphoric reflections apply for diversity of research contexts because the author prefers not to violate the encapsulation principles of Global Variables in Non-Biological Systems.
Research views
Sometimes crises appear to be contagious in your system and have different features; therefore, different defensive style conducts to protect system in order to cease issues. Crises are part of our nature, human can be created intentionally or unintentionally instance parameters for crises.
System Owner implies a single Biological System, Organization Owner, and Society Owner.
Biological System refers only to human species in this research. Non-Biological System refers to Organization, Community, Institution, Business Cooperation, Manufacture, IT-component, and Society. Global Variables in Biological Systems refer to Instincts in Biological Systems. Global Variables in Non-Biological Systems refer to Constitution in Society, Strategy in Organization, and an Operational Structure for IT-products.
High growing rate of Invisible Entities on the evolutionary path of system performance can modify property of Biological Systems and environmental parameters; furthermore, it causes high mortality rate cross World Wide Community. Systems Owners must eliminate or modify Global Variable Structure, Economic Perspective in Competitive World, and Centralized Control Strategy. Ethical Global Variables and a Decentralized Control Strategy need to be articulated for Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems and retrieve Economic Perspective as a second priority level.
The encapsulated sensors in Biological Systems can detect parameters complexity in system performance and transmit signal to entire system. The remarkable signal appears in various forms and style (symptoms) cross system environments. Physician diagnoses symptoms and execute appropriate action. The Non-Biological Systems do not have sophisticate sensors; therefore, Invisible Entities can settle complicated parameters tactfully in system environments and create complexity with characteristic of Non-Symptoms parameters in long term.
The Non-Biological Systems are more vulnerable than Biological Systems if Harmonic Balance would exist  in environment of Biological Systems. Sensitive sensors and sophisticated surveillance mechanisms have not encapsulated in Non-Biological Systems. 

Non-Biological systems encounter always with complexity in resources and channels of communication. System Developers can expect inevitable collapse in system activity and it would eventually lead improvement to multi-dynamic optimization through the cycles of time. The implement process improvement has economic perspectives; therefore, System Owners would not expect consistency and ultimate solution in system framework.  

Improve Global Variable Structure and evolutionary algorithm convergence

There is not a key solution to complexity parameters on Global Variables. Optimal parameters on Global Variables can detect on system benchmarking and parameter identity in heterogeneous environments, which associate with Universe Parameters and common sense knowledge base.
Set parameter value of Harmonic Balance for internal and external resources prior to articulate Global Variables. Ignore parameters in Competitive World, eliminate Social Hypocrisy, and fortify Solidarity Parameter with Consolidation of Ethical Standards. 

Harmonic Balance among internal and external resources creates Comprehensive Economic Development for system framework in long term.

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