Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Interoperability issues between universal variables and global variables

Universal system is main system for entire systems in our universe. According to system theory, system global variables consider as a subfunction for universal variables.
Universal variables offer ethical functions to system global variable. There are many invisible threads link between universal variables and system global variables. System owner needs to extend interoperability between universal parameters and system global parameters.
Optimal global variables determine success of operational integrity and improve system performances. System functions properly if system designer would be familiar with the role of universal variables. More knowledge in universal variables gives more transparency and ethical global variables; besides, system designers can detect better invisible entities and optimize system platform.
Experts have difficulty to detect and localize interoperability issues between universal parameters and global variables, consequently; many hypothetical entities would remain unsolved among global variables. Interoperability issues can also cause articulation issue in global parameters. Complex articulated parameters cause complexity in entire system performances. Present of invisible entities in system global variables generate functional failure mode, therefore; we need to expect that functional systems always have performance issues. Many of these issues are invisible and unable to detect by current knowledge today.
Universal variables have constant value with ethical consistency. System global variables neither have constant value nor ethical consistency. Global variable values depend on system owner’s holistic view and political economy interpretation of performances appraisal system.

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