Monday, November 3, 2008

Miscalculation and inaccurate articulation of system activities cause of invisible entities

The failure to articulate clearly parameters in global variables for proactive performances causes to activate resistance parameters through invisible entities in system environments. System owner suppose to optimize global variables and support system resources when local variables modify by external forces. Resource optimization would not be always satisfactory when modification occur in system environments; therefore, system owner responsible to provide facilities to implement resource adaptability and accountability across system borders.
The reason beyond failure to articulate parameters in global variable is miscalculation and ignorance on operative system potential activity values, which do not correlate with economical perspectives on system platform. Insufficient time for code articulation can cost put pressure on system developer performances. Lack of transaction awareness in various layers and operative system is obstacle to articulate parameters properly.
System elements accustomed to perform assignment according to global codes and instructions in local parameters. Invisible entities in global variables can modify system resource significant performance, and current assessment resource. It is unfortunate that system owner because of adaptability and accountability would eliminate system resources as victims. Nevertheless, reality is the negligence of articulation and global disorder codes.

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