Monday, May 18, 2009

The global characters in biological system can modify none biological system framework

Human systems allocate visible and invisible global characters, which can activate certain character property model in indefinite environments, interface design patterns, under certain situations, and entities interaction. The variety of characters and outcome of possible parameters modification on Human Systems sometimes are not measurable.
Human system as an element allocate in none biological systems and have capability to modify internal and external system performances.
None biological system can encounter with super complexity rate when global characters can activate in multi-Human System in definite environments at the same time.
None biological system encounter with Vigorous Explosion mode when complicated elements integrate with one another.
Observation 1:
The optimal global variables create harmony elements in none biological system environment. The sequential global modification overcomes obstacle to psychological balance for system elements (Human Systems) and then activates a unique parameter of Human Systems. The solidarity global parameters activate awesome system environment and produce perfect communications among system elements. Low solidarity indicates low quality in global variables.
Observation 2:
Improving cost awareness in none biological system modifies global variable functionalities. One of the biggest side effects of cost awareness is low feed back to System elements (Human System).
Provoke and activate solidarity character in Human System is one of indispensable approach, which can fortify performances in none biological system.
Awareness fortification can modify parameters, which cause to activate solidarity and tolerance in Human Systems. Solidarity may diminish if extreme cost awareness extends in long-term.

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