Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cost awareness can cause hallucination in system maintenance

System owner encounters ethical dilemmas and a barrage of questions when system facing curtail annual maintenance costs in operating system environments. There is always risk when some substantial routines and security processes eliminate in system maintenances on account of cost awareness in business activities. The maintenance process provides guidelines for the long-term enhancement in system performances. Absent of any components and parameters in a daily maintenance jeopardize system integrity, availability, and factors that associated with End-user security guidelines.
Observation 1: Cost awareness can reduce quality customer services and quality model products.
Observation 2: How does system owner design and implement optimized cost awareness model in system environments?
This question concerns many systems owners at this juncture to undertake parameters of cost awareness.
Observation 3: Cost awareness can challenge system optimization instead of complexity detection unit configured source parameters and a comprehensive state of system improvement. System owner obtains system optimization because hypothetical parameters always involve in source of complexity. The worse case scenario in cost awareness model can illustrate possible obstruction in embedded systems and it would be a dilemma situation when systems cannot access a comprehensive state of improvement.
Observation 4: Cost awareness illustrates tendency to focus and operate on a phase failure in entity-outcome models instead to focus and operate on cause of entity-failure models.

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