Sunday, September 6, 2009

The profit structure mechanism determines level of system integration

The high level integration requires high cost investment fund and low level integration vice versa. The criteria for selection profit structure and development mechanism activities determine level of system integration. These criteria characterize as follows:
System cultures, security model for services and products, delivering out high quality outputs, secure information flow, sensitivity of output performances, common strategy network solutions, standardization in both technology and regulation, standardization of performance, same language and thought hypothesis, high sense of compromising integrity, a sense of solidarity, high level of cognitive flexibility, independence with mobility, freedom of innovation, global adaptability, local adaptability, maintain information consistency, find algorithm to predict complex changes in external environments, monitor and respond to external forces, benchmarking implementation at integrated resources, test and prognosis in both internal and external system environments, high awareness of system performance, holistic analysis and local assessment, analysis of coordination and collaboration, analysis of communication channels, analysis of activities development, financial analysis, analysis of side effects for new regulations, evolutionary analysis of system behavior, contextual analysis in ethics and ensure consistent harmony among resources, and eventually common global variables are available cross system boundary in order to instantiate core assets for all modules at different level (layers) if integrated systems are in good balance.
The presence of the above mentioned structural parameters in system integration ensures high level integration and vice versa when structural parameters would be absent in system integration.
The high level integration ensures a competitive advantage for emerging economic community model and strategy immersion in the global integrated enterprise.
System owner can detect invisible complexity in environmental performance system by providing prognostic test just in a single component. High level integration curtails costs and time object detection in system platform. The general disadvantage in performance model creates a contagious environment. Spread similar parameters of issue promptly cross system platform in short time series data when external forces can penetrate system environments through specific subcomponents.

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