Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The counterfeit project life cycle road-map in system platform can create prosperity and wealth in short term

The first phase applies case study and system analysis in entire system platform; moreover, project group may detect defect structure, interoperability failure mechanism, and evaluate performance of track algorithm errors in system environment. The second phase is a collection of prognostic factors and failure patterns in mechanism performances. The third phase is cost estimation to improve so-called defect structure in subcomponent through the counterfeit project. The fourth phase is discovery of logical parameters to support an argument for fundraising and investment in designate defective component in system community. Deceive parameters on counterfeit project must convince system community that project aims at tackling defect structure, failure mechanism, and algorithm errors in order to contribute profit in system infrastructure.
The owner of counterfeit project life cycle road-map creates prosperity and wealth but side effects of counterfeit project parameters generate a billion invisible entities in system framework. Design sophisticated pattern on misuse project by deceiving algorithms approach can impress project members in short term. Almost many systems on counterfeit project perspective encounter with complexities in long term.

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