Thursday, April 29, 2010

The hidden character references in hierarchy of layers

System owner creates a single artificial entity frame work as a system representative to internal and external environments. Hidden hierarchy of layers offers competitive advantage and gain over competitors. The true nature of power hierarchy value can be protected by dominant role of camouflage system structure. In terms of component failure mode, system functionality rollbacks cross infrastructure platform and draw public attention to a single artificial entity framework. The real system owner integrity protects and potential improvement of failure parameters can enhance when a single artificial entity framework substitutes with a new entity. This system construction model confronts complexity parameters when several consecutive events of failures take place in subcomponents; therefore, system owner designs multiple artificial entity frameworks into separated components. The new version of hidden hierarchy layers can hide character references between the real system owner and system representative in short term. Design manipulative parameters in hierarchy layers can modify operational map layers and cause invisible entities.
Multiple artificial entity frameworks model function partially because in case of failure of subcomponents, multiple artificial entity frameworks can initial structural equation modeling discussion or dialog on topic of issue parameter references and distract public attention from real system owner profile to domestic issue in subcomponents.

Design multiple artificial entity frameworks model is not cost-effective; however, performances contribute good feeling to internal resources.

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