Thursday, May 13, 2010

Status of core competency and paradox of modern nepotism model

The modern nepotism articulates on global variables and construct for the competitive advantage of system owner; nevertheless, old nepotism model articulates just for single individual prosperity.
The Modern nepotism model refers to system owner, who selects candidates for core competency regarding to own benefit through certain age, gender, ethnic groups. Individuals and designated groups use core competency dumb luck and other candidates put up with agony of discrimination. Lucky favored individuals, whom have been selected for core competency, do not straggle for any positions. The modern nepotism bases on lateral promotional parameters on global variables in system framework.
The old nepotism based on bilateral communication, contract, network relationships, and invisible promotion. The old nepotism movement supports by system owner because parameter thread of old nepotism instance link with parameter thread of modern nepotism. The old nepotism movement challenges entities to join certain networks for core competency. Both nepotism models create invisible entities in system environments.

Parameters on nepotism movements are not transparent. Any activities refer to nepotism movements are against parameters on constitutional law. Parameters of nepotism movement can become transparent when a single parameter entangles with a bribery scandal and link to rumor maps.

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