Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Security measures will not provide a single solid prosperity for system platform

Investment on security measures will not provide ROI for system framework. Systems owners invest on security measures because of gap allocation among global variables and wrong selection algorithm for system operations.
Implementing basic security measures can contribute to safety and efficiency in disaster recovery plan; besides, prevent external complexity parameters spread through internal resources and block corrupted parameters become active on instance of system operations.
Optimal parameters on global variables do not require large capital investments in security measures. Inadequate and unreliable parameters on global variables with diversity unethical promotion require large capital investments on security measures cross system platform.
Security measures allow withdrawal of operating funds and create life cycle costs in system platform. Set of overlapping security measures can generate invisible entities in system environments in long-term.
Implementation of harmonic balance and inspiring creativity for system resources accumulate large investment in security measures.
Dynamic pattern parameters in centralized control system require large investment in security measures. Parameters in security measures must be constraints in boundaries of a system. Configuration of external security parameters beyond system boundaries produces chaotic invisible entities for security performances.

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