Monday, November 8, 2010

Hyper-awareness in non-biological systems hampers self-awareness in biological systems

A competitive market challenges systems owners (business owners) to initiate workforce rationalization processes and implement competitive mode on global variables in non-biological systems. Systems owners add economic policy framework and target to cut annual costs; moreover, boost efficiency and effectiveness due to a tough competitive market.
System elements (biological systems) set for more responsibility and partnership. Configuration for parameter of responsibility maximize work schedule from 8 hours per day to 12 hours without compensation. Responsibility demands overwhelming hyper-awareness in assignments and supervisory control. Hyper-awareness requires devoting more attention during spar time. Hyper-awareness in assignments hampers self-awareness in biological systems. It modifies lifestyle and creates severe health concern for biological systems.


Biological systems have been in layoff mode encounter in critical health condition. Illusion to select defective parameter in workforce rationalization process and implement as a competitive advantage on global variables can generate parameter complexity in non-biological systems and biological systems. Systems owners have selected criteria for layoff mode as a competitive approach because competitors access to low income and devoted biological systems.
Systems owners should have executed other multiplayer competitive modes on global variables. For instance, wide ranges of attractive design, good security focus product, usable and flexible product, obtain high quality output, available tools for end-users, feasible mechanism, reliable technology, realistic and compatible brand price, and finally “interactive marketing" can apply as a patch to multiplayer competitive modes on global variables.

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