Monday, February 28, 2011

Open loop paradox and social harassment for biological systems

One of the crucial global variables in biological systems is an appetite variable, which generates and consolidates multiple maps between brain and stomach. For example, someone cooks delicious foods; hence, designated sensors in biological systems detect signs and send signal to brain. Communication between brain and stomach create an open loop. Food entry mode generates a closed-loop and transfer function to control system in biological systems (harmonic balance mode).
The analogical functions and domain shifting algorithms can consolidate between brain and other subcomponents in biological systems.
Social disturbance would cause open loop between brain and psychology component (local variable) in biological systems. An open loop would be closed by circumstances in retaliatory behavior or social bullying in the worst case scenario by defective biological systems.
Biological systems with novice knowledge would face dilemma over detection of open loop and closing open loop. A novice determines consciously and unconsciously the best performances for closed loop identification through genetic algorithm for pattern detection; therefore, novice may experience variety episodes and circuit complexity.
Systems owners must detect defective biological systems with social bullying tendencies and help them; nevertheless, parameter strategy for austerity measures would not accept contribution to bullies. Systems owners can only prioritize economic ventures for business owners at this juncture. Bullies would eliminate through probation domain and rehabilitation process prior to breakdown mode because it is so-called cheaper.
Bullies are defective biological systems, who have issues with open loop in long term. Bullies are social victims of negligent supervision. Systems owners have not done successful approach to detect and improve bulling, nuisance, and social harassment due to lack of knowledge, experience, factual information, and adopted global strategy for austerity measures; consequently, system platform face more bullies, more victims, and more mental health disorders.
Systems owners invest in infrastructure component controller in non-biological systems due to harmonic balance on system performances.
Non-biological systems measures desire system behavior and value in output through sensors and transmit general outcome to component controller. System sensors can sometimes detect a discrepancy between sensed value and desired value (predicted value). Output sensors call and transmit a signal to component controller for run-time error evaluation in system output (an open loop). Component controller manipulates parameter error according to desired reference value and transmits positive feedback to system input in order to produce desired value on system output (closed-loop) or (Harmonic balance mode).
Systems owners must to support bullies in wicked mode just like role performance for “component controller” in non-biological systems.

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