Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The role of global variables and side effects on the evolutionary path of systems

Complex algorithm parameters of economic awareness and overhead costs for resources challenge systems owners revise parameters on global variables. Modified parameters can generate invisible entities on security measures-test, input parameters property, and social behaviors. The declaration of global variables demands all subcomponents and local entities perform activities according to global structure. The nature of local entities and subcomponents may not respond to changes on global variables. But system alignments require match property with possible rational patterns for subcomponents characters. Global variables drive subcomponents over the edge by hidden threads and instance variables in order to insure value of consistency in systems subcomponents.
The global structure compels local entities to behave in new social patterns. Highlight new security approaches can embed variety of images and equations in system platforms.
For example, security measures-test may have a unique constraint pattern because of inflexible budget curbs option. A new unique security measures-test and perception of security parameters can be poorly mapped; therefore, complex parameters generates invisible entities on the evolutionary path of system performances due to investment flows pressure on security-test. Horrific environmental disasters are one of the consequences of failure to achieve effective security measures-test; besides, aftermath of environmental disaster causes of global financial crisis. It is senseless to impose extreme austerity measures on system platform because budget saving plan is always lower than real economic costs in environmental disaster.
Two pedagogic questions can rise in aspect of security-test are as following:
Who is going to pay for a complex security measures-test?
Do systems owners or contractors compensate for the costs of testing in security measures?
Input parameters property modifies resource parameter settings in biological systems and non-biological systems. Modifications on system environments cause invisible entities for system properties.
System alignments oblige local entities respond and obey structure of global variables. System elements must behavior and perform assignments according to new version of global structure, which is on the counter path of nature activities. System elements suppose to execute assignments according to parameters on global structure; therefore, such a phenomena challenges biological systems to exercise senseless hypocrisy and nepotism. All type of parameter hypocrisy and nepotism generates invisible entities and complexities. In long term, side effects of profound parameter complexities can disperse gradually and lie hidden beneath of each corn of system platforms.

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