Monday, May 30, 2011

Safety assessment criteria determines level of spatial complexity in project innovations

Assessment criteria for high grade quality in system developments demand safety assessment criteria. Three cognitive strategies and approaches can, among others, ensure the safety assessment criteria.
1-Select entities with correlated parameters for conducting comparison charts in order to assess system performance.
2-Promote long range thinking/short range thinking across evolutionary path of system performances.
3-Set optimal attitude maneuver strategies towards spatial complexity.
Selection of correlated parameters refers to common properties and attributes. System developers select two entities for an assessment comparison report when a large number of parameters of the same type match in properties prior to approach for assessment. Analogical properties are appropriate for safety assessment criteria.
Long range thinking / short range thinking about side effects of functions through global variables on the evolutionary path of system performances are vital safety assessment criteria. An optimal evolutionary path perpetuates good resources for security configuration. It ensures consistency in economics competitiveness and provides a ground of social ethics.
Communication in system performances can show counterproductive norms with contextual complexity while long range thinking/ short range thinking remove from setting criteria assessment.
Optimal attitude maneuver strategies determine quality process for outcome assessment. It implies to common sense thinking towards spatial complexity of performance mechanisms. Negative sense of attitude creates a climate for cynical decision making towards parameter complexity. Positive sense of attitude creates a climate for naive decision making. Optimal attitude is when system developers keep rational attitude towards spatial complexity in non-biological systems.
Reckless negligence in processing assessment criteria for system performance executes complicated algorithms and it transforms a deep structural complexity in project innovations.
Positive sense of attitude creates perfect climate solutions for harmonic balance in biological systems; however, it has negative aspect for decision making process.
Many business owners have been lost a great deal of wealth because their positive sense of attitude inspired goal setting process, which involves with parameter dilemma, contradiction, and confusion.

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