Thursday, June 9, 2011

Set up opponents for infinite complexity by global ethical criteria

A tough competitive environments challenge competitors to setup opponents for infinite complexity by ethical global criteria because it is cost-effective strategy to eliminate opponents in short term.
Full ranges of embedded ethical criteria in social environment produce optimal functioning in non-biological systems. Ethical criteria are supposed to be created based on dynamic properties for global variable in biological systems. Ethical criteria on global variables articulate in order to promote and maximize harmonic balance of biological systems. However, multiple instances of ethical criteria would target opponents’ credentials in tough competitive environments. Ethical paradox of social democratic systems focuses on removing or diminishing appearance of harmonic balance for biological systems. Misusing global ethical parameters on the evolutionary path of system performance can always ratify moral/ethical dilemma, which causes incredible complexity in mechanisms of non-biological systems.
Wide range of disparities between parameters on global variables in biological systems and non-biological systems indicate social hypocrisy to higher level. System elements (biological systems) try to align own global variables with global variables in non-biological systems. Global variables alignments among system elements imply coalition strategy for tremendous exercise in hypocrisy cross non-biological systems.
The social hypocrisy to low level indicates that systems owners articulate global variables, which have good match ratings for global variables in biological systems.
Opponent, who involved with infinite complexity, can carry serious side-effects in competitive environments.
Ethical resolutions interpret in variety of settings on global variables. Ethical resolutions must modify when systems owners discover true properties associate with global variables in biological systems.
Competitors, who set up opponents for infinite complexity by ethical global criteria, are not believers of ethical judgment, social responsibility and fair trade.

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