Monday, December 5, 2011

Target the source of invisible entities in system frameworks

The source of invisible entities on the evolutionary path of system performances is the activated global parameter “Competitive Anxiety and Fear” in biological systems. Parameter (Competitive Anxiety and Fear) has originally an inactivated state. However, it can be activated for infinite loop in tough competitive environments. Activated parameter (CAF) challenge decision makers use an unnecessary outbound investment for an unfair competition procedure against opponents. Senseless and irrational hostility measures may implement in systems of opponents in order to defuse the potential hostility behind their competitive project activities in the future. Deceptive maneuvers and unfair treatments urge opponents to follow same defense patterns.
Parameter mechanisms of defense patterns and algorithms recognize as a competitive advantage among opponents. The activated parameter (CAF) in biological systems leads to progressive global defense strategy. The defense strategy requires a wide variety of algorithm implementations in non-biological systems. Varieties of algorithm implementations modify property attributes in system performances. Modification of property attributes would instantiate and return parameter of invisible entities.
The cognitive behavioral therapy for all opponents at the same time is a partial solution but opponents deny  implementation of deceptive maneuvers and unfair competition procedure; therefore, invisible entities always remain a social burden.
An innate tendency towards cynicism can reinforce the activation of global parameters and cause negative perception of biological systems. Opponents impose irrational hostility towards counterpart prior to receiving any hostile action.

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