Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Primary Instincts obstruct sustainable development of Mankind

Instinctive Behavior is a specific action pattern which carried out in response to a clearly defined stimulus. Any behavior is instinctive if it is carried out without being based upon previous experience, cognition, and learning. An instinct is an inborn complex paradigm of behavior that must exist in every member of biological species. Instinct embeds in the genetic code and it cannot be vanquished by internal and external forces. Most repeated behaviors were considered instinctual, which do not demand advanced consciousness to perform.
Biological Systems have thousands invisible instincts and each target at ensuring genetic survival. Vulnerability to fulfill natural instincts can cause behavioral disorders. Instincts can be categorized into two instinctual subtypes as follows:
1- Primary Instincts tend to dominate Biological Systems’ attentions.
2- Secondary Instincts tend to be an area of some tension and perform services for Primary Instincts. Biological Systems use Secondary Instincts in order to fulfill Primary Instincts.
Functional Mechanisms of instincts involve generally in 3 stages of processing. It initiates with open loop (stimuli), prepare for basic action, and closed loop (response).
According to observational study, general characteristics of Human Nature have not been developed since the middle ages in spite of technological innovation aids during this century. The main reason behind stagnation hypothesis and evolutionary puzzles of Human Nature is cruelty in the Mother Nature.
All entities in the Mother Nature are integrated one hundred percent with one another; therefore, Mother Nature and Human Nature have high integration level.
Mankind inherits global variable (cruelty) from Mother Nature according to perspectives on general System Theory. Cruelty of Mother Nature modifies Primary Instinct and Secondary Instinct in Mankind. Secondary Instinct activates associated Primary Instincts in order to endure harsh environmental elements in Mother Nature. EPVA (Earning Power Value Asset) instinct and Cynical Instinct are one of those associated Primary Instincts which responds to Mother Nature and competitive environments.
These two Primary Instincts hamper human evolutionary process and human development in the next century.
Cruelty ridden paradigm in Mother Nature implies the existence and harmony balance of certain entities in Mother Nature depend only on annihilation rate constant for some other entities.
EPVA Instinct and Cynical Instinct with adaptive algorithms are an instance of Mother Nature. These two Instincts can either obstruct sustainable development of Mankind or would eliminate humanity.

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