Saturday, November 30, 2013

Closed-loop controller iterates series of infinite open-loop over Primary Instincts

The Closed-loop controller is a component in brain, which determines iterative feedback for Primary Instincts in open-loop mode. Activities of Primary Instincts are monitored by Closed-loop controller through Secondary Instinct.
Closed-loop controller scans parameter equations of social structure patterns as an Input and then embeds them within its own Library Selection Criteria. Parameters of social structure patterns are always modified by Global Variables. Systems Owners articulate Global variables through parameters in Competitive World and Economic Perspectives. However, the Closed-loop controller can scrutinize, approve, and register parameter equations of Superego Adjuster within Library Selection Criteria.  Systems Elements approach data structure for social norms with self-awareness. Performances of Primary Instincts depend on array of values in Library Selection Criteria.
Both Primary Instincts and Associated Primary Instincts iterate open-loop due to complex array of values in Library Selection Criteria. Two external channels accredit and modify Criteria Parameters within Closed-loop controller.
The first channel is Superego Adjuster, which can be referred to the following paradigms (Religions, Life Philosophy, Cultural Paradigms, Psychoanalytic Aspects, Austere Lifestyle, Power and Materialistic World View). Systems Elements can select appropriate paradigms for successful own personal life coaching.
The second channel is Social Platform, which is referred to function of a social structure and activities of daily living. Global variables modify Social Platform, social norms, and activities of daily living. Social norms must be accepted voluntary by Systems Elements for social survival. Parameters of Social norms penetrate to Close-loop controller and save in Library Selection Criteria gradually and they function as a self-sustaining process criterion for social survival. Primary Instincts activate and perform according to criteria in Library Section Criteria.  Complicated criteria in Library Section Criteria establish complex feedback loops for Primary Instincts. Intricate criteria are always obstacles in the path of closed-loop; therefore, almost many System Elements carry multiple old infinite open-loops. Systems Elements are not aware of the facts that burden of open-loop can reduce quality of social performances. Besides, those deprived open-loop series would modify resources on Social Structure. Systems Owners do not have a clue how infinite open-loop in Brain can modify system platform and create a range of hidden costs on the evolutionary path of system level performances.
System Elements cannot sometimes handle daily tasks because of changes in external environment.  They need ability to meet literacy task demands and new feasible algorithms in order to iterate through array of criteria. Otherwise, Primary Instincts may stick in an infinite loop and cause Systems Elements to lose ability to move forward.
Through Psychological tricks from external environment can compromise with array parameters in Intelligent Data Analysis. The Psychoanalytic therapy is used for deletion of certain array criteria and lookup objective criteria for Closed-loop.

Rational dataflow from both channels can be turned by iterative feedback for Primary Instincts in open-loop mode so that complicated requirements in Closed-loop controller become a simple attribute for closed-loop.
Closed-loop produces harmonic balance in Brain and optimal social behavior patterns.
Each open-loop in brain causes anguish of grief and severe anxiety disorders.
The Intelligent Data Analysis does not have globally consistent mapping and absolute value. It depends on individuals and social norms.
Hyper-Competitive World requires having two active instincts in order to sustain excellence global competitiveness and prosperity. Successful Systems Owners have both active EPVA Instinct and Hypocritical Instinct during decision making. Instance parameters of these two Instincts articulate successively in Global Variables and core concepts on social platforms. However, Instance parameters of these two Instincts cause complexity in Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems.
Hypocritical instinct can justify and demand activation of associated instincts.

Hypocritical instinct plays crucial role in promoting Biological Systems and at the same time it creates a complex Non-Biological structure.    

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