Monday, September 1, 2014

Powerful Decision Makers can build Heaven's View on earth

Complex Decision Making pattern can cause Global Crisis, Local fiscal Conflicts, and mysterious side-effects in Social Context for early modern human beings on the evolutionary path to global dominance. This Transdisciplinary research targets confident decision makers, who modify Global Structures and Social Roles, by their own decision making power. Hidden structure of complex algorithms in Social Context and complex brain functions create complicated Decisions. Hypothetical algorithms in Non-biological Systems were defined implicitly through previous case studies.  This research is focused on instance of multi-parameter mechanisms in brain structure, which cause of complexity in Decision Making Pattern.
External entities modify Genetic_ref and use parenting styles in order to guide different types of Primary Instincts. Superego has cycle path collision with Genetic_Ref and Ego because Superego hampers unethical parameters, which are more likely initiated by external entities. Superego drives spiritual parameters, reinforces ethical values, and undermines the best aspects of decision making.
Superego can interact with optimal Superego Adjuster when Harmonic Balance is presence in brain structure. Harmonic Balance in Social Context creates and ensures efficient Harmonic Balance in Brain structure and eventually generates a strong superego. (Fig 1)
Powerful Superego would never compromise with instance parameters of Genetic_ref and Ego. Positive Subconscious and Negative Subconscious can be generated by confliction between Superego and Genetic_ref.  The Stronger Superego than (Genetic_Ref + EGO) retrieve Positive Subconscious.
The weaker Superego than (Genetic_Ref + EGO) retrieve Negative Subconscious. (Fig 2)
Active Survival Instinct obstructs Superego and reinforces (Genetic_ref + EGO); therefore, Decision Making would be in critical mode when Survival Instinct is active. (Fig 2) Heavy tasks and responsibilities for Superego can be deteriorated by some other defensive Primary Instincts.

According to observational study, Powerful decision makers have huge vulnerability in Decision Making; therefore, innocent Non-powerful decision makers are exposed by their defective decisions.
Life of Non-powerful decision makers might be changed dramatically by Hidden Defective Global Decisions on timeline of human evolution.
According to observational study, Non-powerful decision makers have always complex set of constrained choices in order to use ethical principles in moral reasoning due to lack of Harmonic Balance in Brain Component. Both environmental parameters and Genetic references determine Harmonic Balance in Brain. Adequate Harmonic Balance in Brain allow Superego interact with optimal Superego Adjuster.
The optimal Superego Adjuster supports and sustains Superego against negative Genetic_ref and negative Ego structure.  This hypothesis is illustrated boundary alignment by each decision making. Parameters for environmental risk factors measured in the study in terms of identifying how individuals conduct different sort of values in Social Context through multiple hidden factors. Eventually, they turn into bad or good person. Environmental parameters depend on Global Variables (Social Roles), which articulated by Systems Owners (Powerful decision makers).  Structure of Global Variables is based on perspectives in Competitive World.
Competitive World is designed by elites and big corporations in terms of economic performances; furthermore, it ensures that system platforms can persist to function according to competitive strategy.
All new born babies have basically good nature if genetic parameters ignore in natural modes.  Bad people are victim of bad social environments and they expose in social tragedy due to Global ignorance and two internal parameters in brain compartment. 

Good human being can turn into bad human being under the following circumstances and factors 

1- Elites and Big Corporations (Competitive World) articulate defective strategy due to active defensive mechanism in their Brain. They are aware of active Competitive Instinct in human being and disadvantage to have a competitive rival. Therefore, strategies in Competitive World build and based on Competitiveness and innovation on economic performance. Strategies of Competitive World modify Harmonic Balance in Human being.    
2- Defective Global Variables (Defective Roles and regulations) based on strategies in Competitive World. Global Variables are articulated by Systems Owners.
3- Defective Global Variables integrate with Social Parameters and minimize Harmonic Balance in Social Context because strategy of economic performance requires eliminating burden costs and regulatory Burden Measurement. Harmonic Balance is always instances of the outcome in burden costs.
4- Minimized Harmonic Balance in Social Context would reduce Harmonic Balance in Brain.
5- Low Harmony Balance in Brain would not support integration of Superego and optimal Superego Adjuster; thus, Superego can integrate with Non-optimal Superego.
6- Non-optimal Superego Adjuster deteriorates quality of Superego and it creates weak Superego.
7- Weak Superego cannot defeat Genetic_Ref and EGO.
8- The Negative Subconscious provokes activation of Survival Instinct.
9- Active Survival Instinct and Negative Subconscious would create Open-loop in Decision Making Model.
10- Open-loop in Decision Making Model can modify Social Behavior, ethics and value perspectives. (Fig3)

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