Sunday, July 19, 2015

Harmonic Constitution can create Harmonic Balance between Ego and Superego

System Owner supposed to articulate High Harmonic Global Variables (Constitution) in order to minimize potential conflicts between Ego and Superego. Harmonic Global variables modify Social Context and generate Optimal Superego Adjuster. Low Harmonic Global Variables would create Suboptimal Superego Adjuster and weak Superego.
A weak Superego can yield power to Ego and instance of Genetic Algorithms. Optimal Superego Adjuster can perpetuate strong Superego.
Multiple conflicts between Ego and Superego cause open-loops in Brain. Each open-loop attenuates Harmonic Balance Processing towards Superego. Inefficient Signal Processing in Harmonic Balance might also be considered as unstable Superego defense mechanisms. (Figure 1)

Superego has stronger aggressive drives while Efficient Signal Processing initiates from Optimal Superego Adjuster to Harmonic Balance in Brain. Besides, low number of open-loops reinforces Superego strength.
The Process of Harmonic Balance in Brain can be deteriorated by two channels as follows:
1-Suboptimal Superego Adjuster.
2-Multiple open-loops.
Instance of Genetic Algorithms can stimulate and fortify Ego strength prior to conflict with Superego.

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