Thursday, May 8, 2008

Invisible entities in the communication between two systems

Two systems can communicate with each other from The Bashful Interaction to The Toxic Integration mode.
The Bashful Interaction implies to diverse interaction pattern, which information exchange process occur between two systems with a low respond rate. When the first system transmits information the second system is under new load circumstance of simulating stagnation mode and then communication initiates in contrary direction.
The Toxic Interaction implies to interaction pattern, which one system can allocate dominated mode mechanism and make rules to the opponent system. There is a risk that global variables and designated modules in subordinated system can modify through the passage of time. Modification of global parameters and information flow in embedded local functions may change subordinated system behavior.
The Toxic Integration implies to diverse integration pattern, which two systems with same value consistency and power equality policy initiate integration. The integration process and equality policy change gradually because of failure concepts and criteria in systems integration strategies. One system can persuade to choose subordinate mode; moreover, disperses invisible entities to system environments because of pattern matching phenomena. This type of integration pattern can change to an immoderate communication. The subordinated system can lose most global variables accessibility functions, which cause changes in system behavior and act as a passive component in dominated embedded systems. Two systems need to integrate in democratic way in order to function effective. If one system loses value of global variables then system platform environments would not identify system processes. The new subordinate system performs as a slave in system integration without any recommended system specification.
Between The Bashful interaction and The Toxic integration can identify multiple- instance levels in system integration.

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