Monday, May 5, 2008

Multiple instance levels between two systems integration

There are multiple- instance levels between two systems interaction and integration. Each instance levels may have either detectable patterns or undetectable patterns within system development.
Invisible entities show up sometimes in system integration when two systems integrate without instruction in new instance level and with missing performance prediction model. Two systems need to specify new instance level integration before changes would occur in current instance level. New instance level needs to reevaluate between two system platforms prior to integration model. Failure analysis in new integration mode diminishes output value quality in system integration. Brief case study or insufficient knowledge about system behaviors produces invisible entities in system integration. System designer also need to have awareness in two systems local variables, cultures, system functionalities, and system characteristics prior to system integration.
Global variables have responsibilities in system integration in different instance levels. Optimized variables produce transparency in internal and external system integration.

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