Thursday, January 1, 2009

System Recovery Benchmark introduces precautionary approach against invisible entities (SRB)

System performance failure exposes parameters in global variables to high risk of vulnerability and complexity to multi-thread channels among various layers of entire operating platform. Even if invisible entities detect and a full recovery mode returns to availability levels, system performance needs high attention demands in future processing. Parameters in invisible entities cannot diminish smoothly from system environments. Substantial parameters in global variables can hidden in subcomponents and develop gradually in system environments. Hidden parameters activate certain functions in persistent instance levels for next outburst system performance. The optimized global variables reduce risk of parameter corruption in system platform because main source of invisible entities detect and improve in system framework.
It requires developing a System Recovery Benchmark when performance failure occurs in system platform.
A System Recovery Benchmark illustrates the details view parameter characteristic performance failure symptoms, evolution, and algorithms of invisible entities creation. It illustrates also under what circumstance has system complexity recovered and what precautionary approaches have applied in history of recovery.
It is indispensable to save information about parameters symptoms and algorithms prior to invisible entities explosion in order to detect earlier parameters in primary instance cross various system layers. SRB procedure contributes time & capital saving and makes a business case for any enterprise. It provides transparency and illustrates how particular parameter symptoms and algorithms develop in certain system environments.

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