Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reciprocal risk assessment in system platform minimize number of invisible entities

System requires analyzing risk assessment at parameters reliability in both directions by independent outsourcing. Monitor system in various layers in double directional data hierarchy levels can produce accountability and semi-reciprocal transparency in parameter performances. A process approach model and time for diagnostic analysis need to be confidential cross system boundary. Independent outsourcing integrates with entire system layers for study internal and external activities from both directions.
System authority empowers outsourcing to act as a system owner; however, nobody would have awareness of presence system investigation.
Reciprocal risk assessment in system provides also semi-reciprocal transparency to system resources and associated components in integrated networks. System resources feel liberty mode and increase flexibility and feasibility of true balance dynamics in daily work performances when invisible entities minimize to zero. Eventually ROI on product quality in market can improve and maximizing customer satisfaction rate.
Problem occurs when system bottom up analysis encounters with obstacle because system owner feels insecure and reluctant to reveal to investigators specifically real characteristics on hidden parameters in internal and external system environments. According to observational study, Emotional insecurity is part of human nature. History of operating system shows that human try to cover up certain system information in order to survive the turmoil in system environments. The bottom up analysis has not been successful in many case studies; therefore, the most parameters in invisible entities remain mysterious. Risk assessment would not achieve, digest, and resolve by outsourcing because of outrageous obstacle characteristics on human being. These characteristics finding reveal dark sides of human being and recognize as the most dangerous parameters against system improvement. System owner characteristics can implicit as follows: possessiveness, greediness, and cupidity.
Observation 1:
Reciprocal risk assessment indicates real democracy in system platforms.
Observation 2:
Democracy offers balance and creativity to system resources.

Observation 3:
The Characteristics Human Nature implies to global variables in Human System.

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