Sunday, March 29, 2009

The budget deficit in system because of blindness in system entities

Systems with unhealthy mode of global parameters always have invisible entities in system environments. System has strong tendency to generate budget deficits.
Budget deficit can soar because of system complexity and failure to articulate basis for entities role in systems. Those entities describe as follows:

1) Hidden codes in system vision.
2) Inaccurate alignment codes in system strategy.
3) Failure analysis of input codes.
4) Failure to Measure internal resources.
5) Failure analysis of system external forces.
6) Failure analysis of customer strategy.
7) Failure analysis of system product or service strategy.
8) Inaccurate strategy for outsourcers.
9) Market turbulence.
10) Vague innovation & technology implementation investment.
11) Outrageous business plan competition.
12) Lack of a multiple supplier strategy for system activities.
13) Lack of competency in operating system layers.
14) Failure in system integration.
15) Bonus System for Chief Executive Officer.
16) System design for a public monopoly with complex management.
17) Misinterpretation for effective system performance.
18) Fraud and corruption conduct in business process management.
19) Failure to diagnose invisible entities.
20) Manager does not engage to monitor possible changes in internal and external system.
21) Miscalculation in substantial global codes functionality and a value efficiency approach.
22) Wrong evaluation of devastating side effects of global codes implementation.
23) Lack of system decision making criteria and a critical system assessment.
24) Wrong investment in system components.
25) Exploit system elements in a negative way.
26) Failure to use optimal resources in a solid way to improve invisibility in system.
27) The conspiracy plan sets in high level system network and lobbyist activities in low level.
28) Failure to set up a budget assessment strategy and possible system adaptability.
29) Focus with the full potential in system downsizing.
30) System integration with complicated unethical global codes.
31) Focus with the full potential in Return On Investment.
32) Lack of benchmark analysis in system performances.
The budget deficit indicates also lack of a critical assessment in budget system; therefore, system encounters blindness in budget perspective. The budget plan need to exam intensively and modify system strategy if there is a low discrepancy rate in budget plan. System with huge budget deficit eliminates gradually and chance of system improvement diminishes by a small fraction with the passage of time.
Discrepancy rate in spreadsheet budgeting template or economic decline implies to a possible threat of significant disruption in none biological System. Early prognosis discrepancy detection contributes to revive a flexible budgeting system and prevent criticize poor economic perceptions. Value Discrepancies reveal modification degree of system strategy. Early prognosis discrepancy detection prevents Cancer disease development in biological system and it functions in the same way as a budget deficit in none biological System.

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