Thursday, March 19, 2009

The design of global criteria structure and complexity

The criteria structure establishes for global variables in none biological system can modify global variables in biological systems. Those parameters on criteria structure can convey to Human System through media channels and official structures. The criteria structure builds control strategy parameters in none biological system and base on economy performance, social assessment, and proactive assembly system.
Those articulated parameters recognize by multi-frame concept for public as a social tendency. The criteria structure modifies even status of Human System and parameter functionality in none biological. The modification on global variables in Human System produces side effects and complexity both for internal biological systems and none biological system environments.
The social assessment focuses on entity from some specific angle criteria; which link to global criteria. There is a risk that entity can be eliminated in systems when decision analysis determinate the negative aspects of entity’s performance. The constraint in global criteria structure creates constraint social assessment; therefore, it is one of disadvantages with global criteria because entity in none biological system has not opportunely to evaluate by various angle criteria.

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