Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Possible layers encounter processing complexity network in non-biological systems

Non-biological systems can encounter with chaos and complexity like biological Systems encounter with cancer diseases. External forces penetrate into Human System through system inputs; however, three layers of possible turbulence and complexity in non-biological system are vulnerable and describe as following:
1) Upper level: It refers to particular system controllers and owners. Controllers and owners can establish an invisible network with external forces in order to expend economical mode and develop business transactions in non-biological systems. Developed business transaction produce a good profit margin in secret ways on invisible economic platform.
Parameter in bonus system can build and develop to protect upper level activities; despite of the fact that system output fail to deliver ROI and respond to shareholders value. Invisible entity in this level sometimes refer to system, which having significant experience of dealing with tax fraud and failure of project investments.
2) Middle level: It refers to particular middle managers with ambitious to promote and achieve a higher ranking. Invisible entities in this level point out to managers, who make a good profit margin in secret ways with internal and external forces.
3) Lower level: It refers to particular system elements and resources in operative system. Entities establish networks to support activities with or without Elements Union protection. Some of system elements can participate in invisible intercept activity as lobbyists in none biological system.
An external observer, who detects parameter complexity in three layers, may face of complexity implications in none biological system. If the observer is a Component Object Model or an agent, then elimination can be an option. If the observer is Human System, substitution approach or optional dismiss mode can apply; however, parameters on invisible entities transmit to system environments and can create a state of disaster in other systems.

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