Thursday, March 12, 2009

Selective logical variables establish prior to adapt competitor platform

Fair competition ensures balance in system resources and components allocated in subsystem. The outcome of none-logical strategy for global variables articulation on response to system transfer platform is Mal-functionality among system resources, offset unreliable performance, and low economic effectiveness in long-term.
There are some options to go forward with and promote system framework when system activities are far away beyond competitor performance efficiency and productivity.
The criteria algorithms for competitor system performance need to adapt in system framework and it considers as an optional solution. Parameters adaptability in operational system requires global variable alignment according to competitor global variables. Modification of parameters on global variables challenge system platform toward unfamiliar system environments, which is inconvenient truth facts for system resources because operational system suppose to adapt culture, new life philosophy, life standard, terms of functionality, system mechanism and ecosystem elements.
These criteria modify most operative components in system platform. All resources in operative system can exhaust in platform adaptation; meanwhile, competitor platforms initiative promote shift toward active ideal mode. A platform adaptation takes some time with high risk of structural collapse during system optimization.

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