Monday, March 23, 2009

The discrepancy in global variables creates turmoil between two types of Human System

Men and women are two different types of Human System (biological system). They may have conflict when they integrate with each other. Conflict depends on two levels in systems for a best case scenario when external forces are not involved. Global conflict refers to parameters on global variables in men and women Human Systems. Global variables have constant value and may not modify by any entities. Common conflicts and disagreements between men and women are among parameters on global variables. Local variables refer to many individual disagreements and conflicts. Local variables can modify and illustrate more flexibility and a compromise interaction. Local parameter modification produces recovery in communication channels, interaction, and integration between men and women.


Research expertises in social sciences have ambitious to modify parameters on global variables in biological systems. The parameter modification on global variables produces side effects, accountability, feasibility issues for biological systems.

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