Sunday, January 31, 2010

The experimental analysis of behaviors in biological systems

The biological systems must acknowledge value alignment fixed-parameter algorithm and role in embedded global variables in non-biological systems prior to participate and perform assignments in system platform.
The global variable structure in non-biological systems can design and develop according to economical key parameters. The natural global structure model in biological systems needs to align in criteria key performance and strategy plan in non-biological systems.
System owner abolishes certain executive privilege, freedoms, and civil rights for biological systems while global variable functionality encounter failure in non-biological systems. System owner sometimes tries to improve system complexity either by modification on constant global variables or by executing eradication strategy among biological systems.
System owner cannot ponder to modify flexible parameters in non-biological system due to perspectives on economic policy; nevertheless, global variables modification in biological systems has hidden related economical problems in long term.
It is indispensable to detect constant global variables in biological systems and to avoid parameter modification.
The biological system mechanism controls and links to constant global variables by hidden threads. Functionality and system behavior root-relative paths, which refer to global variables, are not absurd and wrong. System owner does not suppose to set a barrier for global variables functionality and to prohibit parameter activities due to perceive disapproval of delinquent natural behaviors in biological systems, who perform assignments in non-biological systems.

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