Saturday, February 6, 2010

The attribute process-response in biological system properties categorizes in level ranking

The global variables in biological systems
1-Constant system variables
These variables prevail among all biological systems and ensure potential performance ability. Constant variables can be visible, invisible, and inactive for surrounding social systems perspective. The constant variables have chaotic double loop diversity in biological systems because external forces cannot observe communication threads, pattern activities, and algorithms beyond the loop of functionality. The constant variables require that double loop locking operation and execute certain functions periodically. Some variables initiate and create an event loop in a period of consecutive minutes during a day time. The loop function returns a value of execution to biological systems. The failure of event loop causes complexity in functional performances and eventually postponement obsolescence. Complexity in event loop generates behavior disorder in biological systems. Owner of non-biological system does not focus and concern about global variables functionality in biological systems while articulating global variables in non-biological system. The top priority parameters are always dedicated to economic development purpose; therefore, non-biological system encounter with chaos and self organized complexity of hierarchical parameter structure.
System owner does not suppose to modify constant system variables in biological systems in order to align with global variables in non-biological systems due to economic challenges facing system environments.
2-Gender variables
These variables refer to gender identity and social role theory. Parameters on variables are constant just for same gender and cannot modify by external forces. Interactive parameter modification generates complexity in biological system performances.
The local variables in biological systems
These variables are flexible and can modify by external forces. System owner has a good opportunity to modify parameters and promote performances standard according to global variables in non-biological systems.
Sometimes system owner confuses local variable characteristics with constant system variables. Owner may be reluctant to admit biological system rights criteria and appropriate treatment of reasonable notice in non-biological systems.
The ancestry variables and ethnic variables designated as local variables. These variables can modify cautiously due to sensitive nature of biological system performances.

The ambitious economic growth strategy obstacles clear perceptive analysis of the key roles of biological systems involvements in non-biological systems.
The inactive constant system variables become active in particulate environments and in interaction with new entities.

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