Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Customer can contribute to the success of innovation process

The feature modeling for product and functional factors in customer perception illustrate to the public through media and advertisements. The product images challenge customers to try product before to buy under specific condition and time. Customers can be ensured to offer a refund and return purchased product when product shows an unexpected malfunction. This approach can attract end-users for product final testing phase and curtail time to market. System owner agrees to allow returning a defective product for radical innovation life cycle. It would be possible that customers cannot detect hidden defective parts of product construction and continue to use complicated product despite of issues regarding feasibility and accountability mechanism. Customers, who detect defective parts, can frustrate and return product to manufacture. Customer can sometimes optimize software product through Internet. This evolutionary innovation pattern in the market challenges customer to pay for end-user testing, eventually value chain framework for bringing the life cycle of innovation; nevertheless, this innovation modeling encounters with invisible entities and complexity according to observational study in long term.

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