Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interaction between biological and non-biological entities

The biological interactions and non-biological interactions result from entity interactions illustrate that constraint parameters both on entities communication and global variables contribute optimal interaction. The unconstraint parameters on global variables produce failure rate interaction.

The biological interactions are social interactions, which refer to external global parameters, social standard structure, psychological aspects of interactions, and side effects of psychological parameters apply during interaction. The unconstraint parameters in interactions can generate low transparency and failure of communication. Entities interpret sometimes loop interaction scenario of multiple data parameters; therefore, biological interactions make still more complicated. Simplify biological interactions through constraint global parameters may reinforce thorough communication key and numerous interaction failure modes would diminish.

The non-biological interactions follow particular instructions, a criteria list, roles, and pattern. The real-time interaction value and function parameters for prediction can even available prior to interaction.

The optimal interactions between biological entities and non-biological entities depend on interface design, information availability, parameter consistency, and functional accessibility key about non-biological entities. The appropriate referential transparency provides optimal interaction and feedback.

The biological interactions are more complicated than other type of interactions; consequently, system framework would be vulnerable when system environments have numerous biological interactions. Parameter complexity on biological interactions can even convey easily to non-biological entity in system platform.


According to observation study, when system framework configures for biological entities with reasonable accommodation, then system boundary and entire environments can always be vulnerable to high path complexity parameters; unless, constant global variables in biological systems modify and entangle by the Creator. Human cannot engage in global variable modification because of insufficient knowledge of variable functionalities. Any global variable modification can produce side effects of approach improvement in biological systems and environments.

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