Thursday, January 7, 2010

Members to board of directors make decision without knowledge of system activities

System disorder and complex loop parameters occur in system structure when members to board of directors make decision despite of fact that knowledge of system performance is absent in a decision making system.
This model of a decision making system has profit for members, who seek various invisible parameters on system management, profit possibility, and external investment opportunities.
Lobbyist member on board of directors may search for passive non-lobbyist members, who concern just about own interests. Non-lobbyist members do not have comprehensive and accurate picture of decision making parameters and principal of system performances. Lobbyist members make decision according to internal own economy and perspective on the valuation of ecosystem. The operational system and resource optimization would not be among priority procedures when lobbyist members focus on decision making parameters.
Rest of members to board of directors would frustrate and become passive when decision making process illustrate hypocritical parameters. The passive state generates and represents among middle managers and entire system elements back and forth through time and events. Robust passivity and decision criteria modify system integrity and complexity appears in system platform.

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