Friday, April 23, 2010

High costs for unequal treatment toward certain biological systems

System owner implements special treatment for certain biological systems with the purpose of harmonic balance equations. The hidden high cost treatment demands investigation on hidden treatment process model and project costs; furthermore, it needs to evaluate side- effects of treatment process. Negligent design in sensitive treatment process can generate invisible entities in biological systems.
Independent external force can evaluate cost-effectiveness for treatment process and modification parameters on biological systems. Systems owners must not participate in assessment process and results. According to observation study, a realistic analysis has not conducted for unequal treatment in biological systems yet; therefore, profound mystery of special treatment’s modes can be remaining unsolved with complexity in non-biological systems.
Have systems owners ever challenged to evaluate cost effectiveness and progression parameters during special treatment in biological systems?

Execute a hidden special treatment cannot be ethical procedure.

It is natural ethical facts that biological systems need to participate in awareness activities for special treatment.

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