Monday, August 30, 2010

Hypocrisy in non-biological systems

Contradiction between global variables and nature of system elements create parameter of hypocrisy because systems owners focus on economic venture and miss indispensable role of system elements in system platforms.
Parameter of hypocrisy can also create in system environments when ethical variables set in certain system layers; in spite of the fact that unethical global conceptual domains allocate in system frameworks and vice versa.
System of social hypocrisy model compels and urges mandatory parameter of hypocrisy transfer to system elements. System elements compel to accept parameter of hypocrisy and adopt it in role of social networks regarding competitive advantage in system platform.
Systems owners use large capital to protect parameters in social hypocrisy. For example, investment focuses on democracy parameters, which convince system elements about existence of freedom in system platform. Such a hypocritical approach can contribute harmonic balance to system elements concurrently with parameter complexity.
Biological systems with contaminated parameter of hypocrisy are not accountable and reliable asset to none-biological systems.

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