Monday, August 23, 2010

Inactive parameter hypocrisy on nature of biological systems

Defected parameters on global variables can activate a parameter of hypocrisy among global variables in biological systems. A parameter of hypocrisy is not active in all biological systems; nevertheless, this parameter can be activated due to failure of controlling access to global variables in non-biological systems. Parameter hypocrisy can be useful element in particular contingency mode for biological systems. This parameter can hide poor pathetic performance for biological systems but minimize network performance in non-biological system. Systems owners may be obsessed with parameter of hypocrisy and execute target with parameter hypocrisy unawarely in non-biological system during global variable articulation.
Parameter of hypocrisy is constant global variable among many hidden unknown inactive parameters in biological systems. These parameters can activate beyond instance of certain resource interactions, control system modifications, encounter events, and extreme unusual environments in biological systems.
Patch key solution for non-biological systems may be contaminated with parameter of hypocrisy and contamination can modify and activate parameter of hypocrisy in biological systems.

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