Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Create culture of innovation in non-biological systems

Create culture of innovation in non-biological systems and sustain it in system environments for a long period of time require establishment of decentralized control system cross non-biological systems. Infrastructure model for decentralized control system create distinct spatial reference on global parameters, which modify associated global parameters in biological systems. Centralized control system for non-biological systems hamper loop of global variables and instance of associated global parameters in biological systems.
Biological systems with activated innovation parameters produce creative culture of innovation in non-biological system.
Decentralized control system activates, fortify, and deliver innovative global variable in biological systems. If a non-biological system with 100 system elements has been allocated 100 innovative elements in 100 modules then system owner create culture of innovation successfully. Each innovative biological system can operate and create 100 different innovative model entities in non-biological systems.
Centralized control system modifies performances on biological systems vice versa. Biological systems can potentially be inactivated loop innovative parameter in this approach model. Biological systems are preoccupied with complexity parameters and struggle to revive insufficient resources on system surroundings. This infrastructure model would not create culture of innovative in non-biological systems.
Implementations for both control systems are sensitive and outcome of an impure contributory negligence approach is side effects, which develop through vicious cycles, and create invisible character entities respectively in non-biological systems and biological systems.

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