Thursday, January 13, 2011

Incentive system rationalization requires reconstruction of global employment model

Developing an effective system performance and focusing on strategy effectiveness can lead systems owners to execute a variety of reorganization patterns in system domains.
Reconstruction of the global employment is inevitable. It is based on high unemployment rate in labor market due to reorganization at multiple levels.
Key criteria for global employment reconstruction have been detected as follows: gender, age, ethnic groups, entities with health and social issues, and ultimately “dissident groups”.
The key criteria for new global employment model target to constraint a variety of jobs possibility for job-seeker groups in the labor market.
A new construction of global employment model creates complexity parameters on system layers and labor market infrastructure. Settings up new criteria for global employment have been restrained multiple groups beyond labor market shocks and crisis.
The new global employment reconstruction paves the way for new employment subconstruction, which create spontaneously by citizens through social network interactions.
The outcome of social private interactions and trust level for local networks shifts sometimes to nepotism, corruption, and inefficacy in system platforms.
The new social structure and nepotism paradox classify new employment subconstruction into two channels of entry. The first gate is channel of social private interactions, possible nepotism multiple systems, and poor infrastructure. The second gate is official channel, which all job announcements register by authorities and job candidates view job vacancies in all categories in the labor market. According to statistical parameters by instance level system authorities, 80 percent jobs get boost into job market through the first channel (hidden social networks) and 20 percent jobs get boost into job market through the second channel (official transparent forums).
Job candidates in the first channel would not need to fulfill certain qualification requirements; therefore, job candidates have better chance of success with job search plans. System authority can even challenge and recommend job seekers to search job through this channel.
Majority of job candidates oblige to apply for job opportunities through the second channel. Job candidates would not have good job opportunities due to high job competition within job market. Suddenly show up many recruiting/headhunter forums and start up desirable business venture in this complex channel. Headhunter support and promote certain job seekers through hidden threads to rule parameters on new global employment reconstruction. Recruiting agencies offer also career information to job candidates, whom have jobs and are ambitious to change company in order to raise base salaries or promotion. Majority of job seekers establish job-search through official channel, which merge in complicated network of recruiting agencies.
The architecture design of labor market has complexity parameters with an instance of hypocrisy. Two channels of entry with different job characteristic model illustrate invisible entities for job candidates and labor market infrastructure.
Systems owners have vision for future system performances according to following attribute patterns:
An employee must run business process four times faster than predecessor in an extraordinarily long working day without extra-compensation. Systems owners look at outsourcing and insourcing regarding low wage workers. This vision modifies parameter characteristics of labor market infrastructure in the future.
Systems owners convince community members to join events on rationalization plans and reduce costs by an illustration of employees play cards during working hours.
Entities establish business opportunities in the name of the people have unethical social responsibility. A vision of enterprise can focus on chaotic dynamics of parameter values on social mechanism in order to allocate capital into a wide array of asset.
Detect a single hypocrisy on moral value in a single component can imply that parameter of moral hypocrisy may articulate on global variables.

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