Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evolutionary breakdown of biological systems

Biological systems create several natural complexity parameters in non-biological structure systems due to evolutionary breakdown, which cause by global variable definition in non-biological systems. Systems owners may not ensure equity based approach for integrity parameters, consistency model, and social accountability for biological systems through global variables on system platform. The worst case scenario appears when critical infrastructure process and chaotic patterns robust mechanism for biological systems on breakdown mode. Community on public media and experts pay attention to red flags and scenario over an extensive range of breakdown and uncertainty status for a particular biological system; however, parameters on source of breakdown mode would not be evaluated on system platform because of investigation time and costs. Media reflects just superficial layers of occurrence and parameters of breakdown mode to communities and public, on level 8 (Fig 1).
Experts analyze and discuss parameters on breakdown mode and uncertainty perceptions, which associated with biological systems and cause chaotic patterns. Diagnostic assessment of breakdown mode can even move up to level 4 (Fig1).
A curious analyst may try to assess parameters on organic structure on level 3 and 2 but outcome would not discus, reveal, and release through public media. Main known issues in biological systems can remain unsolved on operational systems. Analogical mapping of multiple chaotic patterns and random crisis may occur again cross system framework. System controllers iterate over same process and common mistake through long term strategy due to critical parameters have not been digested properly and an irreversible suboptimization has performed in non-biological systems. Suboptimization is cost effective in short term; however, critical entities eliminate unethically on system platform temporarily or permanently . Biological systems have always been confronted with a low integrity process, non-professional design construction, and temporary improvement.
Some parameters on level 3 are thread instance of global variables on biological systems. Modification of parameters on level 3 causes high level of complexity for global variables in non-biological systems.
It would not be cost effective to modify parameters on level 3 in short term but it would be cost effective for both biological systems and non-biological systems in long term.

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