Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Align new Career Path Models in parallel with Realistic Rationalization Process

System owners need to create and develop New Career Path Models, which contribute harmonic balance to non-biological systems and biological systems. New Career Path Models should have been identified concurrently with rationalization process during past 30 years.  However, systems owners have implemented unilaterally “Radical Concept of Rationalization” without perception of labor market fairness for biological systems.
The current state of Global Labor Market can approve that system owner have attempted neither to examine various Career Routes nor to create New Career Patterns. Economic Crisis Burdens has been deteriorated dilemma Labor Market to lower target range, which cause a wide variety of side-effects and lead to respectively Social Anxiety Disorders and invisible entities.
A Social Anxiety Disorder and Partial Suboptimization modify Strategic Asset Allocation, Structure of Social Attitudes and characteristic for system elements with long term unemployment. Modifications can produce (e.g. sharp increases in petty crimes in non-biological systems).
“Radical Concept of Rationalization” was developed and embedded unilaterally on system frameworks by systems owners despite the fact that they have anticipated current state on Labor Market 30 years ago.
Parameters on harmonic balance have been recognizing as a high Cost Outlier threshold and Cost of Obesity in non-biological systems since 30 years ago. “Radical Concept of Rationalization” has been recognized as an economic revival plan and real significance of business process solution.
According to observational study, systems owners have not invested regularly “explorative innovation strategy for new career opportunities” gradually on Global Labor Market during the past 30 years. Investments would be promoted a balance between “Radical Concept of Rationalization” and “explorative innovation of new career path models”.
Invisible entities generate on “Global Labor Market” due to failure of Semantic Adjustment on parameters of harmonic balance in biological systems. The modeling Labor Market Solution must not entangle in instance parameters on business owners-platform because business owners have not been officially accepted responsibility for harmonic balance in biological systems and system environments. Systems owners require having regulation for Harmonic Balance, responsibility and guidelines for biological systems. Suboptimization through business owners-platform would not return any values to Labor Market because the biggest concern for business owners is ROI and cost-effectiveness on system activities. 
The perception of Labor Market efficiency and fairness must develop through a new era of living in harmony. Parameters on Labor Market must build and modify for both business owners’ prosperity and system elements’ advantage. A wide range of Alternatives on Labor Market must assess for harmonic balance in non-biological systems. For instance: stop Lobbying Activities on platform of business owners, implement possibility for Global Currency Devaluation, reduce long working hours, set up reform flexible working opportunities so that system elements have more quality time with family. 
Spare Time can share in healthy hobbies, social activities, care of elderly and supporting substandard environments and miserable animals. 
Add Advantage to parameters of harmonic balance on Labor Market may reduce post-traumatic stress disorder among system elements, who are working with stress. It obstructs work stress epidemic on the evolutionary path of system performances. Besides, such an ethical approach to Labor Market can improve health care quality among system elements with long term Unemployment Depression.
Labor Market efficiency and fairness must develop and optimize through explorative innovation of new career path in a variety of fields. Create a new career path solution must be based on Society Needs and Harmonic Balance in biological systems. 
For example: obtain Optimal Health and Medical Research for system platform,  create comprehensive Organic Livestock Standard in Agriculture Products, present new Models and approaches of Education, Add new techniques and procedures for Transportation Infrastructure Service Industry, implement equilibrium logic model for Tax Policy, align eligibility requirements for jobs with Decent Compensation, use Environmental Energy Technologies, develop Tourist Attractions, invest in Pure Drinking Water, reduce Air Pollution, minimize Toxic Waste in environments, Eliminate Disposal at Sea, Build Accommodation and Hospital for poor families.  Promote innovative organizations for professional social workers in order to offer support for alcoholics, drug addicts and psycho-social entities. 

Suboptimization is efficient approach because it is cost-effective and saves time. However, it is not cost-effective and efficient approach when system confront with collapse and Absolute Total Breakdown. It would be a complex event processing to detect if a system encounters Absolute Total Breakdown.

Elimination or substantial reduction of parameter greediness in biological systems can establish harmonic balance in biological systems and non-biological systems. Levels of parameter greediness can determine number of invisible entities in non-biological systems.

According to observational study, business owners and systems owners have two options to resolve invisible entities on Global Labor Market. The first option can suggest Revising Rationalization Process and Austerity Measures across system frameworks. The second option can suggest an initiation of Case Study Research for creating and developing new Career Path Models.
Business owner are reluctant to hire back after layoffs and rollback criteria-based Rationalization Process. They have already taken profits and demographics into consideration.
The good outcome elements of Case Study Research for creating and developing new Career Path Models would appear on system frameworks many years later. Meanwhile, social mechanisms and spatial structure can perpetuate to execute invisible entities on the evolutionary path of system performances.  

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